About Me

I am a 30 something year old human male. I live in London, and have done since 2001. I moved to London to study, and after graduating from a graphics degree at LCP (London College of Printing, now London College of Communication - I know, age showing through there!), I begun working in the industry as a print designer /type setter, with a background in digital from a younger age I progressed quickly into digital design, specifically front end design and development, and UX /UI design and interest. I have worked under many guises, from in-house, agency, and freelance. I am currently working freelance and am available for new projects and discussions. If you would like to know more or have any questions regarding anything here or related to future projects please do not hesitate to contact me...

What I do

I work in front end design and development. This includes leading and working on planning and discovery, digital design (using CS software), code development (normally HTML + CSS + Javascript), testing, and deployment. I also have experience in some backend development using PHP for CMS such as Wordpress, Silverstripe, ModeX, and some others.

Through necessity and requirement I also have experience in leading projects and managing teams, acting as PM in some situations. This normally comes under the responsibility of managing client expectations, face-to-face meeting and updating on project development, as well ensuring time/ cost budgets do not exceed limits - or at the very least being able to advise the client on thresholds being met, and how the options for project completion depending on client availability.

In the past 8 years I have been luckily enough to work with a great number hugely talented individuals from photographers, illustrators, designers, artists, and agencies - on a varied number of projects from small portfolio projects to large scale ecommerce websites. Either working on my own, taking ownership of a project or in a team, I relish the experience of taking a project as far as its potential can achieve.

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