Hello - my name is Joe :)

I am a UX/UI designer, working primarily in London, but also in the Herefordshire /Shropshire area of the UK. I design and build websites, apps, and other digital projects. I work with, and help all manner of people and organisations.

Want to talk? Get in touch, I am always happy to hear about new projects and ideas.

What does a UX /UI designer do?

I work with small businesses, corporations, and individuals, focusing on the development of their brand identities in order to extend them into intuitive and memorable websites and apps.

Discovery At the beginning of a project I run UX workshops which aim to identify the users and their requirements via a series of serials and exercises. After the workshop, I create visualisations and documentation for the user groups, their journey flows, criteria, and wireframes to show the skeleton of the project. After some review and refinement, and the client is happy that the brief has been fully understood and planned for delivery correctly, we look to move into the design phase.

Wireframe and Review After the discovery I supply documentation of the findings from the sessions back to the clients. These will generally contain the user group identification, flows, and wireframes.

The wireframes serve to show a skeleton of the project. The foundations are clearly mapped out illustrating the findings and what has previously been discussed. During the discovery I draw these on paper, then re-supply in a prototype form. From here we review and refine until we (both the client and myself) are both happy that we have identified the projects full scope, answering the business questions and objectives.

UI design / build Now the project is ready to move into the UI design and build phase. Depending on the type of project and how many others are involved in this process will determine how and who I engage with but normally, the design phase includes rounds of designs and reviews with the client, working towards an agreed version being produced, roundly tested and iterated to ensure that the UAT (User Acceptance Testing) passes of the criteria that has been set out in the foundations.

About me

Versatility has always played an important and functional role in my professional career. My (educational) background is in design, but have always had a strong passion geared towards technical development.

I have progressed and worked professionally for the last 10 years concentrating on digital projects - combining user experience and brand cohesion. Through experience and necessity I have extended my skill set to allow me to work under different roles. My main strengths lie within digital design (UX and UI), and frontend development.

I relish working on ground up projects, through workshops and sessions, I have experience in assisting foundations and planning place to ensure drive and project clarity are in check.

I am based in SE London, but am happy to travel for projects.

Get in touch

If you would like to discuss an upcoming project, or any issues or problems in an existing project (fire fighting is something I am familiar with :)), please feel free to contact me to arrange a meeting /chat.

Email joe@justifygraphics.com

LinkedIn linkedin.com/in/gimlik

Skype thepeopleupstairs

Case studies

Projects and people I have enjoyed working with

Qlik listing image


in-house Senior UX/UI consultant.

Settica listing image


Freelance Website development.



In-house UX /UI designer, Web Dev.

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Freelance Web /Brand Strategy.

Vivienne Westwood listing image

Vivienne Westwood

In-house UX /UI designer, Web Dev.

NB: this is not my full body of work. To see more please contact me.